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Progress in the martial arts happens one step at a time. Discover how our on-demand courses can help you get started in the right direction.

Proven Courses

Systematize your school with proven courses from the MAIA team.

Black Belt in Business Blueprint

Learn how to build a clear, refined blueprint that helps automate your business and establish your systems.

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Digital Learning Camp

Learn how to provide a valuable service and help kids out with their schooling by setting up a Digital Learning Camp.

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The Holiday Mini-Course

Learn and implement this proven system for maximizing revenue at your holiday event this holiday season.

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The Referral Rewards Mini-Course

Learn the Quickest, Easiest and Least Expensive Way to Add New Students. Master the Referral Rewards System Today.

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The Partners in Education Mini-Course

Learn How to Cultivate the Most Important Relationship For Your School. Become a Partner in Education Today.

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Live Trainings

Re-watch these live events and swipe every strategy for your business.

2021 Virtual SuperShow Recordings

Watch all the seminars from the 2021 Virtual SuperShow and take action with your team to elevate your business.


2020 SuperShow Virtual Summit Recordings

Watch the top instructors and business owners speak at the first ever Virtual Event, the 2020 SuperShow Virtual Summit.


MASS19 Video Recordings

Watch the brightest minds in the martial arts industry speak at the 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas.


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