The Left Hook Course by John Hackleman


According to The Pit MMA founder, John Hackleman, the most effective strike in martial arts is the left hook. Well, now he's here to teach it to you. Learn how to develop one of the most powerful strikes in all of combat sports with this legendary UFC coach.

Learn the

Discover how John has taught some of the highest-level martial artists throw a proper left hook.

Avoid the most
common pitfalls

Review the 3 most common mistakes people make so you won’t do the same in your next fight or competition.

Drill Your Left
Hook for Skill

Master the 5 exercises John recommends and develop explosive power with your new left hook.

Course Overview

Welcome Aboard! Here’s my intro…

Lesson 1: The Mechanics of the Left Hook

Lesson 2: 3 Common Mistakes When Throwing Your Left Hook

Lesson 3: How to Drill Your Left Hook for Skill

Lesson 4: Exercises for a Powerful Left Hook

  • Left Hook Power Medicine Ball
  • Left Hook Power Baseball Bat
  • Left Hook Power Heavy Bag
  • Left Hook Power the Paddle
  • Left Hook Sledge Hammer Bag

Meet John

John Hackleman is a 44 year veteran of martial arts, a North American Champion, Pacific Heavy Weight Champion and was ranked #5 fighter in the world. He has coached some of the UFC’s most dominant fighters including Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira, Antonio Banuelos, Court McGee, and Tim Kennedy, just to name a few. Now he’s ready to train YOU!

"I would not be where I am today without The Pit, and The Pit Master."

Chuck Liddell

"John Hackleman can get the best out of you, in or out of the cage."

Tony Robbins

"If they come from The Pit, they will be in top shape."

Joe Rogan

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Perfect your left hook today with John Hackleman’s Left Hook course.


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