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Do you feel like your martial arts business
has hit a plateau?

Too unorganized. Unstable. Just missing something.

What you need are systems — Systems to help you reduce your workload. Systems to help ease your mental burden. Systems to help you accelerate your school’s growth.

And when you work with us, you’ll learn these systems so you can turn your school from “eh, my business is doing okay” to “my school is killing it.”

The Approach

Most martial artists are never introduced to the concepts of running a small business and don’t have the systems in place to grow their school for the long term. We have a 4-step approach every month so you feel confident in the direction of your school and the growth of your business.

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MAIA Elite is Ideal If:

  • You want to maximize your bottom line revenue numbers
  • You feel like there are areas of growth that you’re just not hitting
  • You’re trying to bring on more staff
  • You’re not satisfied with where your business is at
  • You know your business could do better but you’re all out of ideas for how to improve
  • You’re hitting a glass ceiling and you just need a little help to break through

MAIA Elite is Not For You If:

  • You’re not willing to put in the work to grow your school
  • You’re not open to the idea of having a coach
  • You’re looking for a silver bullet to solve all your problems
  • You’re content with where you’re at
  • You’re closed off to a new strategy and mindset.

Hear What Others Say About MAIA Elite

What School Owners Experience After Implementing Our Systems

  • Their life improves, working smarter not harder
  • Their knowledge of business rises dramatically
  • They are more decisive, knowing the next step for growth
  • Their stress level decreases, having a coach in their corner
  • Their revenue often doubles, triples, sometimes quadruples
  • They get back to what they love, teaching class and impacting lives

"Before I joined MAIA Elite, I thought of martial arts as a hobby and something I did for fun. I never imagined I could support my family and live out my dream every day owning a martial arts school. MAIA Elite has made my life so much better."

Kurt Klingenmeyer
Championship Martial Arts, Racine, WI

Where We Help You Grow Your School

  • Planning a Marketing Calendar
  • Opening a New School
  • Income Generating Events
  • Lead Generating Events
  • Managing Your Programs
  • Adding Curriculum
  • Hiring New Employees
  • Training Your Staff
  • Keeping Your Monthly Budget
  • Tracking Your Schools Statistics
  • Building and Executing a Marketing Strategy
  • Parent Outreach
  • Character Development for Students
  • And much more

"We dove into the first year using MAIA Elite's proven systems and in 10 months, we doubled our active student count and tripled our gross revenue."

George Sky
Sky Centers Martial Arts, Chicago, IL

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