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Helping You During COVID-19

With the economy shut down during Covid-19, martial arts schools are closed. We want to help.
Visit our SBA Loan Assistance page and learn how to apply for federal assistance on your martial arts school.
Learn More About SBA Loans

Become a Black Belt in Business

Most school owners aren’t sure how to run their business. We’ll make sure you’re equipped and prepared for anything.

Build a Career Around Your Passion

Owning a martial arts school is not easy. We’ll help you build a career around your passion so you can teach what you love.

Enroll More Students into Your Program

New students are the lifeblood of your business. We’ll show you how to find more and keep them.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe the world needs more martial artists. We’ve seen the benefits it can have on a person and we know the transformation that takes place while learning the art. However this can only happen with more schools thriving in business. It’s our mission to help your school thrive.

"They have really connected the dots for us and really helped take our business to the next level."

Kevin Nevels
Coppell Taekwondo, Coppell, TX

"That's the biggest advantage of being in MAIA - being able to tap into the knowledge of highly successful school owners that will help you propel yourself and your program to the next level."

Adam Spicar
Spicar's Martial Arts, Southlake, TX

"Without MAIA, I would still be making excuses to myself as to why my business was not successful. I can assure you that when the day comes and you join the MAIA team, your life will change forever."

George Sky
Sky Centers Martial Arts, Chicago, IL

Helping Your School Thrive

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